BT/Power Equipment (LPS,TVSS,ACPDB/DCPDB)/2022 Bhutan Telecom Ltd Contract Awarded

Procurement Category: Goods

Dzongkhag/Location: Thimphu

Goods/Services/Work Type: Retail Trade/Hardware/Electricals

Procurement Method: Open Tendering

Annual Procurement Plan: 2022

Bidding Process: Single Stage Bidding - Single Envelope

Contact Details: (343434 extn 1804)

Status: Contract Awarded

Bidding Details

Submission Date: December 21 2021, 11:00 AM

Opening Date: December 21 2021, 02:00 PM

Prebid Date: None

Prebid Place: None

Earnest Money Deposit Details

EMD Type: Percent

EMD Value: 2.0%

Evaluation Details

Financial Evaluation: 100%

Agency Documents

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Tender Items(BOQ/BOM)

Sl Item Code Item Name,
Additional Description/Specifications
UoM Qty
1 FA00287 LPS ( Lightening Protection System) - 1. Lightning Arrester: Supply of Lightning Protection System that works on Early Streamer Emission Technology having coverage radius >80 mtrs when mounted at a height of 05 mtrs giving level I protection. Tested international high-tension laboratory, tested/approved by CPRI, India 2. FRP Mast-5 mtrs. 3.Lightning Strike Counter with IP-65 Enclosure 4. HVSC Down Copper conductor 5. Chemical Earthing: i. Tri-rod 100% copper (5 ft long 17mm Dia # 2 set) welded together and with connection strip & fitted with 4 sets for connecting ii. GEM (Chemical) # 2X40 kg iii. Copper rivet # 10 nos iv. Earth Distribution bus bar # 2 Nos, v. Earth pit cover - 2 nos. vi. Copper (100% copper) strip 25X3 mm- 30 mtr vii. Connectors, lugs, clamps, etc , Set 10.0
2 FA00288 TVSS: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz, I line = 50 amps, I short circuit capacity = 50 kA Surge Protection Device, Single Phase (230V AC), Max discharge current 100kA (10/350 ┬Ás), Fault Indicator Available, Protection Mode: L-N/N-PE, with appropriate MCB and Box, prewired, no 1
3 FA00276 ACPDB (Rating: 100amps, 230V ACPDC. This Pre-wired Power Distribution Board shall provide all the connections to battery bank with proper rating of AC MCBs: 230V AC Pre-wired/assembled with inbuilt MCBs ( 2P, 32amps -4 nos, 2P, 16 amps-8 nos,2P,) P=Poles, no 17
4 FA00275 DCPDB ( Rating: 100amps, -48VDCPDC. This Pre-wired Power Distribution Board shall provide all the connections to battery bank with proper rating of DC MCBs and additional battery charging facilities. MCB dual pole rating as 63A 2 nos, 32A 4nos, 16A 10nos, no 27