BPC/PSD/2022 Materials/2021/30 for the Supply and Delivery of Electrical Line Materials, Electrical Equipment and other Accessories Bhutan Power Corporation Limited Contract Awarded

Procurement Category: Goods

Dzongkhag/Location: Thimphu

Goods/Services/Work Type: Retail Trade/Hardware/Electricals

Procurement Method: Open Tendering

Annual Procurement Plan: 2022

Bidding Process: Single Stage Bidding - Single Envelope

Status: Contract Awarded

Bidding Details

Submission Date: October 28 2021, 12:00 PM

Opening Date: October 28 2021, 03:00 PM

Total Estimated: Nu. 150,825,000.00/-

Evaluation Details

Financial Evaluation: 100%

Agency Documents

Sl Document Link
1 Bid Data Sheet (BDS) and Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) Download
2 Bidding Forms Download
3 Delivery Schedule Download
4 GTPs in Excel (Kindly submit GTPs in excel format) Download
5 Guaranteed Technical Particulars for Bidders to Fill up Download
7 Notice Inviting Quotation Download
8 Price Schedule Download
9 Technical Specifications Download
10 Addendum No. 1 Download
Document Prerequisites For Participation

Sl Document
1 Bid Data Sheet (BDS) and Special Conditions of Contract (SCC)
2 Bid Form
3 Bid Security (Scan Copy), Submit Original to PSD/RSD
4 Bidding Forms
5 Catalogue/DataSheet
6 Delivery Schedule
7 Deviation Schedule
8 Excel GTP (Kindly attach GTPs in excel format also
9 Guaranteed Technical Particulars for Bidders to Fill up
10 Integrity Pact Document
11 Manufacturer Authorization (MA)
12 Power of Attorney (Authorization Letter)
13 Price Schedule
14 Tax Clearance
15 Trade License
Tender Items(BOQ/BOM)

Sl Item Code Item Name,
Additional Description/Specifications
UoM Qty
1 B00043 Lot 1: Galvanized Steel Tubular Poles, Lot 1.0
2 EFA00001 Lot 2: Galvanized steel Pole FIttings, Lot 1.0
3 EFA00002 Lot 3: Galvanized Telescopic pole Fittings, Lot 1.0
4 EFA00003 Lot 4: Conductor Fittings and Accessories, Lot 1.0
5 EFA00004 Lot 5: ABC Fittings and Accessories, Lot 1.0
6 B00044 Lot 6: Earthing Equipment, Lot 1.0
7 EFA00005 Lot 7: Transformer Accessories, Lot 1.0
8 B00045 Lot 8: CTPT Combined Unit, Lot 1.0
9 B00046 Lot 9: Copper Wires, Lot 1.0
10 S00001 Lot 10: Battery Bank and Accessories, Lot 1.0
Amendment Details

Sl ID Date Details Remarks
1 TAM21100009 October 12 2021, 04:12 PM Notification changed from None to None Addendum No. I is issued against the price schedule of the tender. Bidders are advised to note the change and quote accordingly
2 TAM21100023 October 28 2021, 09:15 AM EMD Value changed from 3016500 to 0 EMD value changed to Zero for EMD upload purpose only